Saturday, April 01, 2017

Big grown-up girl

After the ordeal
So, after a month or so of 12.5 hour shifts, I am back to post. Wonders will never cease.

I've mentioned the cat before. I say 'cat'... We think of her as a kitten and probably always will. She's a tiddler, you see. She's a year old so arguably she's still a kitten...? But she is really small. Not abnormally small. But compared to the cats we see in the garden, she is seriously on the small side!

She's a Balinese Variant. I won't go into detail, but we got her because Mr KT is allergic to cats and I wanted one... almost more than I wanted him.

Not really. Well... maybe ;)

Her name is Barley Belle. Small cat. Big name. Very big personality!

Mr KT and I arranged to have her spayed by the vet who breeds such cats: an amazing, bonkers woman who we trust implicitly with our little Barley. Only trouble being that this wonderful woman works an hour away from where we live and our Barley is not one of life's great travellers.

Still, not to be deterred (and after a great deal of planning to get the same day off that was convenient for the bonkers-vet-lady) we encouraged shoved Barley into her carrier and set off for the trip.

Basket for travelling

 All was well for about 7 minutes.

And then Barley decided she really didn't want to be in the basket. Oh, goodness, no.

Can you see the gaps between the bars on the carrier?

I don't know how she managed it, but she wedged her head, left shoulder and left front leg through the gaps in the door and then had a look of absolute panic and fear on her face that I couldn't ignore. Her eyes said "HEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPPP" and the noises she made were heart-breaking.

I shouted at Mr KT to stop the car. Between us, with Barley calling to us in obvious distress, we tried to pull open the bars enough for her head to pop back through. Would those bars bloody well move? No, of course not. They're not bloody designed for movement, are they?

After about 5 hours 2 minutes, Mr KT managed to work wonders and the bars opened enough for me to GENTLY push her head, shoulder and leg back through. She was clearly distressed, so I sat with her for the rest of the journey with my hand against the bars in order to stop her from pushing through again. This was not easy!

Luckily, the rest of the day was easy compared to that.

Barley had her operation and came out of it well.

Mr KT and I found a pet shop and bought a different style of carrier and the journey home was much easier!

New carrier: happy kitten

I'm happy to say that Barley has not been fazed by the basket incident or the operation. She has been super cuddly since and is eating well etc.

So much so that an hour after getting home, she decided to go for a rummage in a new bag given to us by the bonkers-vet-lady, no sign of having had an op...

Business as usual

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  1. I'm glad all's well that ended well. It must have been a nightmare trying to get her back into the box again when she had stuck so fast.


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