Monday, February 20, 2017


After a series of nights (not ideal as I sleep for only 2-3 hours in the day) I am now off for 8 days!

Being a nurse, I am not allowed to have nice hair, pretty nails, fashion of ANY sort at work. The odd bit of nail varnish when I have 3+ days off is all I manage.

Just before I got married in December, my lovely sister took me to get my nails done and they looked beautiful! I had "girly nails" according to Miss KT, and I loved it.

Once I went back to work it was 'short and bare' again. And any time off is too precious to spend a couple of hours waiting for nail varnish to dry properly.

Until I bought a UV lamp thingy for home use.

This morning, I used some gel varnish and sat with my hands being warmed by the little lamp machine and it was wonderful! Each coat takes 2 minutes to 'dry.' TWO minutes! A splosh of cuticle oil (the shiny bits on the picture) and I have girly nails again.

Eight days with pretty nails. Bliss!

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  1. I can never be bothered to paint my nails regularly - I might on the odd occasion I am going somewhere special, but otherwise life is too short to fuss about. Enjoy your break. You so deserve it.


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